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Digital Photography

We continue to learn more and more in the groups and  I am still having the pleasure of  learners company on a Friday 10am to 12noon, some whom have been coming for how many years is it .? My records go back to 2003/04 is that when it all began with Elements 2.?

We are now in the middle of Elements 10 and  Adobe have developed 11 and 12. However,  10 is adequate for the needs of most I would think, so that is as far as I will go.

Because of the later developments we can no longer get Elements 10 cheaper from U3A head office , this means that anyone wishing to start will need to buy 10 themselves.  The net seems cheaper and the CD of course will be yours alone .

I will give you an instruction leaflet for all of the changes you have learned to  make to your  photographs and also how to organise your photographs or print them if you wish .

I will be starting a new group next year and I have two places available but please contact me as soon as possible if you wish to come on closejj@virginmedia.com  or, by telephone, in the first place to Alan Stanbridge, 427 4262,  no use giving you my mobile number as it is mostly switched off!

Learn how to enhance your photographs, move an image from one photo to another , remove that friend or grandchild who is pulling a face, or with eyes shut, or the pipe growing out of some ones head. Straighten that building  you weren’t able to photograph easily and so on.

Welcome to Elements 10 and prepare to be  interested, sometimes frustrated ,  and to have a laugh.      Joy Close

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