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It is sometimes difficult to realize that since the Romans came to Britain some 2000 years ago Scotland has only been closely linked to England for the last 300 years.   It was only in the 1690’s when the two countries faced the inevitability of deciding who was to succeed Queen Anne the Scottish Parliament passed an Act asserting the Scottish right to chose its own monarch.  The possibility of Scotland choosing another Stuart was seen as a challenge to England which reacted by bullying, bribing and threatening Scotland.

Scots living in England faced a number of threats including that of being treated as aliens and the English fleet threatened to blockade ports to ruin Scottish overseas trade.   Economically there was a very strong case for the union, as indeed there remains today. However, at the time most of the people of Scotland were very much against.   Nevertheless, The Act of Union was passed by a useful margin of votes and the Scots Parliament voted itself out of existence, most of the leading voters received useful sums of money to sweeten their decision.

Is there anything we can learn from what happened then to understand what is going on  now and ensure the arguments are fairly put?

It does not matter if you are not interested in political or economic history – there is a fascination in learning the background to the bread we eat and other everyday items. And there have been hosts of interesting people for us to learn about and discuss.

The Marple Bridge & Mellor U3A History Group meets once a month on the morning of the last Friday in each month. It expects no more than that members have an interest in the past or how things developed and an enjoyment of discussion on the issues or people we chose.


January 2014

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