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The History of Culture groups have been going continuously since the formation of Marple Bridge and Mellor U3A, so we have covered a lot of ground over the years! My qualifications as Group Leader are very much post-retirement: after teaching English for many years I retired in 2000 and enrolled for an MA course in Art History at Manchester University. Beginning with what I actually knew about, I have used my training to discover new fields, so our subject matter has varied from Ancient Egypt through Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and we are now debating whether to enter the area of modern art. (My MA course included cubism so the question is, if I lead, will group members follow?) Architecture and painting are the main cultural areas we cover, with where needed a historical perspective, and each topic is agreed by members in advance.
We meet on the third Thursday of each month with one group at 10 and the other at 2, all at my house where I can show Powerpoint slides as illustrations. Currently the groups are full but inevitably after all these years there are goings as well as comings.  

If you are interested in finding out more about us please, in the first place, contact  groupcoordinator@mbmu3a.org.uk

David Matthews (Group Leader)

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